Digital Assets and Blockchain Technology: Assessing the Magnitude of Disruption in Securities and Capital Market Regulation

In December 2016, online retailer, Inc. became the first publicly-traded company to issue digital securities via blockchain in an SEC registered public offering. The Overstock offering utilized a publicly distributed proprietary ledger through which the company issued the securities, records their ownership and transfers in a decentralized digital environment, and allows secondary trading on an SEC regulated closed-system digital platform. Blockchains and the distributed ledgers on which they are based are disruptive technologies seen by many as having the potential to transform securities markets, and most recently demonstrating such potential for the structure of clearance and settlement systems, dramatically impacting the trade life cycle for capital markets, and also in aspects of corporate governance.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

The City Club of Cleveland 850 Euclid Avenue Cleveland, Ohio 44114

Blockland Solutions Hackathon

Students in high school & college, along with industry professionals, are invited to participate in the inaugural Blockland Solutions Hackathon. Participants will be challenged to come up with a prototype using blockchain technologies during the event.

Nov 9 at 5pm - Nov 11 at 3pm

Cleveland State University - Washkewicsz Hall

Global Entrepreneurship Week Cleveland

Cleveland's celebratory event is focused on discovering what "Cleveland Can Do For Blockchain." This year our celebration is at think[box] on the campus of the world renowned Case Western Reserve University. Our panelists Adam Gall, co-founder of decent, Charlie Lougheed, co-founder of Explorys (now IBM Explorys) and Unify Project, Walter Krych, CEO and Founder of LatitudeGo, and Pete Martin, founder of Votem, will be discussing Cleveland's Blockchain Ecosystem and what our region can do to deploy Blockchain solutions across verticals such as healthcare, tech, manufacturing, finance, government, supply chain, and more.

Nov 15 at 4pm – 8pm

think[box] 11201 Cedar Avenue Cleveland, OH 44106

Blockland Solutions Conference 2018

Solutions is one of the first blockchain education conferences to provide experiential learning through hands-on coding and real-world problem solving with a focus on solutions for business and government applications.

December 1-4, 2018

Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland