Cleveland is Open for Blockchain Business

Blockland Solutions

December 9-11, 2019

Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland

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Registration is now open!

Take advantage of early bird rates and secure your spot at one of the most anticipated blockchain events of the year.

Cleveland is Building a Blockchain Technology Ecosystem

The Blockland initiative exists to educate and promote real-world blockchain applications, while establishing and leading a blockchain ecosystem with support from private, public and philanthropic individuals and organizations.


  • Educate

    Provide for an emerging workforce and leaders in blockchain technology.

  • Lead

    Demonstrate innovation and real-world application of technology in the Midwest.

  • Establish

    Create a local ecosystem where partnerships leverage blockchain technology.

  • Promote

    Blockchain has incredible potential to be inclusive in serving the greater good.

Why Blockchain?

A blockchain is a distributed ledger technology secured by cryptography, used to maintain a continuously growing list of records, called blocks. It is a data backbone for cryptocurrencies and other distributed ecosystems and is a key technology disrupter in varying industries.

How Blockchain Can Propel Business and Government

Each of the core blockchain tenets may be applied to a real-world business solution.

Tenet #1: Consistent

No data conflicts


Better manage and have a clear understanding of patient records

Tenet #2: Immutable

Data cannot be edited, copied or deleted

Advanced Manufacturing

Better protect intellectual property and lessen the possibility of hacking into plans and digital records

Tenet #3: Decentralized

No one party owns or governs the data


Reduce the risk of data tampering and create a system of accountability

Tenet #4: Available

Data is available and replicable to all

Financial Services

Create visible account records for comprehensive financial decision-making